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In today’s environment of increased competition, squeezed margins and increased regulatory burden, there never seems to be enough resources to really focus on strategic initiatives, projects and process improvement. There are times when it would be beneficial to have executive level help for a period time to help focus on these things without the bringing someone on with full time salary and benefits. This has been my experience having been a credit union executive for credit unions ranging in size from $85 million to $500 million in assets. With over 20 years of experience in all areas of credit union operations, we can work together to create a plan that will help to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and provide needed assistance while helping you have more time to focus on strategy and day to day operations.
Efficiency Improvement

Work with the client to examine their people, processes, and technology while finding solutions ranging from eliminating duplicate or conflicting work processes to assessing risk tolerance, and doing a better job of integrating technology. Create efficiency by enabling cost reductions driven by improved business processes (including strategic sourcing of goods and services) and enhanced personnel productivity.

Expense Management
  • Identify savings

  • Expense Reductions

  • Strategic Sourcing and procurement

  • Non-interest expense

  • Business process and procedures

  • Process improvement

  • Identify strategic initiatives to reduce costs

  • Determine key drivers of expenses

  • Work with technology department to automate










Internal Audit

Work with client to customize a plan to fit their needs.

  • Report review

  • Internal controls

  • Review control areas

  • Operational audits

  • Loan review

  • Fraud audits

Strategic Planning

Work with client to ensure successful development of their strategic plan and creating an implementation plan.

  • Plan development

  • Facilitation

  • Plan implementation










Project Management

Work with client to build out project plan, timelines and implementation plan, while applying best practices throughout the process.

  • Merger process & transition

  • Vendor transition

  • Online banking & E-services

  • Credit / Debit processor

  • Electronic Services

    • ATMs

    • E-branches

  • Sales & Service initiatives










  • Third Party (Strategic Sourcing)

    • Contract negotiation

    • Third party due diligence

    • Branch locations

  • Underwriting review

    • Consumer

    • Mortgage

    • Commercial / Member Business Lending

  • Regulatory Exams

    • Preparation

    • Response and response implement

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Training, Process and Procedure Development

  • Policy Update & Development



Other Services
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